Thursday, February 3, 2011

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Who doesn’t like receiving a foot massage? Very few people of my acquaintance, that’s for sure. Our feet take a tremendous amount of abuse and stress every day, all day.

Just putting our feet on the ground, even while wearing comfortable, well-fitting footwear, exerts a mighty impact on the feet. The person (usually a woman, but hey) who wears high heels is said to exert more pressure on her feet than an elephant does on his. And he’s barefoot!

If you’re a runner, or do any kind of physical activity that adds the extra stress of sudden impact – well, your feet will welcome some serious massage therapy.

All three leg sequences European Massage Therapy Students learn in Massage 102 include thorough foot massage. The back/neck/shoulder sequence is very popular, too, but an informal survey of my current class reveals that they love, love, LOVE receiving foot massage.

The feet contain 26 bones and I don’t know how many muscles and nerve endings. There are plenty of anatomical reasons why foot massage is beneficial.

But there’s an energetic component, too. Our feet are our connection to the Earth. We draw strength and sustenance from the Earth through our feet.

Reflexologists tell us that the entire body is represented on the feet. By massaging the colon area of the sole of the foot, for example, you can treat constipation. Yes, really.

It may seem a little woo-woo to the uninitiated, but I can tell you – the feet are powerful. Massage therapy students enjoy foot massage when they begin their education with us, but by the time they complete their education, they understand and appreciate all that the foot represents

Roseann Magda

Roseann is a staple here at EMTS for years and her contribution and dedication to massage therapy is unheralded.  To learn more about Roseann's experience and courses at EMTS please give us a call or check us out online

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