Thursday, February 10, 2011

College Students are Super Stressed, Massage Can Help

Any one who has gone through the rigors of college knows how stressful it can get.  While exciting, the college experience can be a taxing experience to many individuals.  Stress is a major concern when dealing with college students, and we need to be more aware of its effects.  Students who encounter large amounts of stress can be susceptible to many harmful situations.

"If students are arriving in college already overwhelmed and with lower reserves of emotional health, faculty, deans and administrators should expect to see more consequences of stress, such as higher levels of poor judgment around time management, alcohol consumption and academic motivation."

At the European Massage Therapy School we teach our students the proper techniques to perform a relaxing yet therapeutic massage.  We understand how stress can be detrimental to your health physically and mentally, so we take great pride in being the source of relief.  Our student clinic provides our clients with quality massages for affordable prices, great for any college student on a budget.  Stress can hinder your thought process and focus, two things a college student needs to excel in their field.  And receiving a massage from the European Massage Therapy School can help you prepare for your next exam or give you that uplifting boost you’ve been looking for.

EMTS provides a comprehensive variety of courses that range from anatomy, massage techniques, and physiology to name a few.  Not only will you be well prepared and trained in massage therapy, but you will be gain valuable experience from our instructors who have been in the MT field for over 15 years. At EMTS we provide small class sizes for more student/teacher interaction, a healthy family like environment, and a staff that really cares about your progression as a massage therapist.  The European Massage Therapy School has been training highly skilled massage therapists for over 14 years, and continues to positively contribute to the massage therapy community.

For more information on the European Massage Therapy School and the practice of massage therapy please check us out at European Massage Therapy School or give us a call at 847-673-7595.

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