Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Probably 75% of all my massage clients say they come to me for stress relief. Their lives are too rushed, too demanding, too crazy. They want some quiet time.
Swedish massage techniques are excellent for relaxing a client. Massage therapists look for signs that they are reaching the client’s parasympathetic nervous system. This branch of the autonomic nervous system is the part that is restful, relaxing, restorative. The therapist uses technique, consistent pace, and appropriate pressure to relax the client. Sometimes the client falls asleep during the treatment.
In my experience, men are more likely to fall asleep during a massage than women. But women do, too.
The first time I had a client fall asleep during a session, I thought to myself, gee, you know, I wonder if I could just sit and read a book for the rest of the time? Would he even notice? Of course, I didn’t do that – I kept working.  When he started snoring, though, he snored so loud he woke himself up. That was the end of naptime.
Other clients don’t wake up, even once they start snoring. It’s amazing. Some of them are really loud, to the point therapists working in the next room can hear them. I know this for sure, because once my client is sawing logs, I can hear people in the next room laughing.
It’s not just men who snore, either. And some of the ladies can be heard in the next room, too!
When they wake up, I never say anything like “boy, you really snore light a freight train!” or, “I bet you’re single, nobody could put up with that racket!” It’s a hard-and-fast rule, never comment. I say, instead, “did you fall asleep for a while?”
Women don’t mind falling asleep. They don’t like to be heard snoring. When a female client realizes she’s been snoring, she is usually embarrassed and apologetic. “Hey,” I tell her, “it just shows that massage works!” or “It’s a big complement on my technique.”
The men never apologize for snoring. I guess snoring is a manly thing. It’s kind of expected.
I only feel bad, sometimes, that I have to wake them up. If someone falls asleep that deeply during a massage, I figure they really need rest. Sleep is a sign that I’m doing my job correctly.
Roseann Magda

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Massage Comes Out of the Parlor

Good article from Time Magazine about the progression of massage therapy, from it's offensive parlor roots to todays medical revelation.  Anastasia Toufexis shines a positive light on massage therapy and this will make anyone feel good about getting into the profession.  Please take a look at this article because it will show you the evolution of massage therapy. 


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Monday, November 29, 2010

Essential Oil Quality and Education

Shellie Enteen from Massage Today writes a very interesting article on how to notice the quality and grade of essential oils.  Shellie takes an indepth approach on determining the quality of essential oils by taking you on a step by step tutorial.  This article will shine a new light on your approach and knowledge on essential oils.


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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nails, and the Lack Thereof

People and cats are both born with nails. My cat’s claws get clipped so she can’t scratch me.  Mine get clipped so I can’t scratch you.
It wasn’t always this way. Back in my corporate life, I had manicures. I painted my nails bright red or pale blue or even seafoam green. I was girly. Then I went to massage school and found out that, to gain a new career, I would have to give up my nails.
It’s an unexpected downside to doing massage. For many women, beautiful fingernails are essential. Nails can be painted a variety of colors, be adorned with jewels, even have little pictures painted on them! Nice nails matter.
As massage therapists, we give all that up. Part of my essential  work equipment is an emery board. Before doing massage, I pull out my trusty emery board and file down my nails until I can run the nails of one hand against the opposite palm and feel only the padded tips of my fingers.
Think about it. A massage therapist uses her hands for long effleurage strokes, for the lifting/twisting/ rolling maneuvers of petrissage, and for deep friction. For a client with a mobile scapula, I might reach under the vertebral border with my fingertips to work the rhomboid attachments, or even go deep enough for subscapularis. I can’t take a chance of scratching the client. Bye-bye, manicures.
But there are some things you just can’t do when you don’t have nails. There are a couple pieces of scotch tape on my dining room wall that are going to be there until either I change careers, or the drywall is replaced. You need nails to scratch them off.
And don’t ever drop coins on the floor. Trust me, if I drop a dime, it’s gone.  It’s impossible to pick it up without nails.
At least when I take the cat in for a claw-clipping, I can look her in the furry face and say, sweetie, I feel your pain. Just remember my small sacrifice if you see me drop some coins. Help me pick them up, won’t you?

Roseann Magda

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Planning for Seasonal Success All Year Long

Every business has their slow periods every year but I came across this article on massage today that helps you prevent that dreaded seasonal down time.   Angie Patrick writes about everything from strategic seasonal planning to creating gift baskets for loyal clients.  Take a look at this article and maybe it will help you plan and prevent that dreaded slow period.


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just What the Doctor Ordered

I came across this article on Time the other day and I thought it was very interesting.  Written by world renowned Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks about the theraputic effects of massage.  In this article Dr. Gupta interviews David Mejia a patient diagnosed with myeloma talks about his experience with massage therapy.  Not only did massage make David feel physically good, but it also helped him spiritually.  Please check out this article because it will shine a new light upon your opinion on massage therapy. 

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