Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Hours

When students at the European Massage Therapy School complete the Massage 102 class, they are ready to give an hour-long full-body massage. In my class, that means 60 minutes. In the real world, 60 minutes doesn’t necessarily mean an hour.

This doesn’t mean that entering a massage clinic means you are entering some kind of strange time warp. It means that, in many spas and massage therapy practices, a full-body massage may mean the client is on the table for 60 minutes. But it could also mean 55 minutes, 50 minutes, or even less. I recently saw a website that offered a coupon for a full-body massage in 40 minutes!

I compare this to the incredible shrinking bag of potato chips in the grocery store. Once upon a time, a big bag of chips was 16 ounces. Over the years, though, that bag has gotten smaller, but the price hasn’t. The cost has actually increased. You’re paying more money for fewer chips.

The same thing is happening in many spas and national chains. Clients still think that a full-body treatment is an hour-long massage. The truth is, the amount of time the client is actually receiving bodywork is getting shorter and shorter. You’re getting fewer chips, and you’re paying more.

What can you do? Before you book, ask – how long is the massage going to be, for real? And decide if you’re getting all the chips you want.

Roseann Magda

Roseann is a staple here at EMTS for years and her contribution and dedication to massage therapy is unheralded.  To learn more about Roseann's experience and courses at EMTS please give us a call or check us out online. 

For more information on the European Massage Therapy School and the practice of massage therapy please check us out at European Massage Therapy School or give us a call at 847-673-7595. 

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Massage Therapy Dilemma

So unless you have been living under a rock over the past few months, there was a situation a few years back with Brett Farve and a couple of the NY Jets massage therapists.  Two massage therapists have come forth to tell the world about Brett's sexual escapades during his time with the Jets and how they lost clients due to this degrading situation.  This is just a reminder to every massage therapist new or experienced to be wary of these difficult circumstances.  But at EMTS we pride ourselves in taking measures by instructing our students to behave and perform in a proper manner to avoid these conflicts. 

Here at the European Massage Therapy School we instruct and instill the proper edict to handle these types of problem.  EMTS provides a comprehensive variety of courses that range from anatomy, massage techniques, and physiology to name a few.  But we also pay special attention to subjects such as ethics, where we instruct our students how to behave properly in difficult situations.  Not only will you be well prepared and trained  in massage therapy, but you will be gain valuable experience from our instructors who have been in the MT field for over 15 years.  At EMTS we provide small class sizes for more student/teacher interaction, a healthy family like environment, and a staff that really cares about your progression as a massage therapist.  The European Massage Therapy School has been training highly skilled massage therapists for over 14 years, and continue to positively contribute to the massage therapy community.   

To read more about this article please click on the link below, and to learn more about the European Massage Therapy School please check out our website or give us a call.,0,1761915.story

For more information on the European Massage Therapy School and the practice of massage therapy please check us out at European Massage Therapy School or give us a call at 847-673-7595.

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